Monday, November 26, 2007

My other blog is still uncooperative so I am still here. We are having a cool misty day here in NW MS.
I finished all my projects for my granddaughter. I started out just making a smaller version of the Irish Hiking scarf and bought what I thought was enough yarn for it. But the more I used the more I had left. I ended up making a Irish Hiking headband, fingerless gloves and a hat.

There still is a little left. I could always make a wristband. LOL

I am making another set of the one car ride coasters. I couldn't find the color locally that I wanted for them so settled for a very dark green. I think I well have the right colors to accent it. This will be a gift for my neighbor.

I have a couple more WIP's going but not too interested in them at the moment. So I better get working on them.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One car ride coasters

These are they coasters that I have just finished as presents.
Having problems at Blogster and remembered that I had started this one in the summer.
I am now having problems adding pictures to this blog. I few minutes ago it worked. Will try again later.